El silencio entre nosotrs

The silence among us
Performance art

El silencio entre nosotrs / The silence among us is an examination of the silence about and the suppression of violence and the experience of violence in the context of patriarchal, colonial hegemonies, using photography in combination with various media such as sculpture, collage, poetry and collective mapping. The starting point is a clay sculpture I created. It is a reinterpretation of pre-Hispanic representations of women from Mesoamerica. I photographed the sculpture and reproduced the analog photo with photocopies. A quick and cheap mechanical reproduction that facilitates the dissemination and reproduction of knowledge while distorting its meaning, I build my background and context from these photocopies in an open creative process. Against this background, I tell my story as a woman growing up in Mexico and address my own experiences of violence. I trace different forms of violence and their links to colonial and hegemonic power structures. Finally, I ask the audience to write their own experiences of violence on memo notes and mark the parts of their bodies that store their memories on my body. By mapping and linking bodies, temporalities, contexts and stories, connections are formed from the personal to the collective. Together we collect emotions, experiences of discrimination and violence and their repression. Bodies as territories also touch on topics such as identity and migration.

All rights reserved ©Brenda Alamilla.